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Thanks to the liberalisation of the sector and its rigorous supervision by the ARJEL, bettors have never had such a wide and competitive choice for online betting. The best sites for betting: 

  • BetClic.
  • UniBet.
  • NetBet.
  • ZeBet.
  • PokerStars Sports.

Choosing a leading sports betting site on the French market? Or bet on an operator, certainly less known to the general public, but which has all the merit of being discovered? Two schools, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, which we will show you in this complete dossier. And no, the best sports betting site is not necessarily the one with the biggest “advertising” budget!

Find the best betting site? The 5 commandments

There is no magic formula for successful online betting, but there are 5 tips to follow. They will enable you to bet using the services of the best bookmakers. This choice is, in fact, essential for the rest of your career as a sports predictor on the net.

At, we help you by selecting the best legal sports operators. In addition, we are constantly studying their offers and the quality of their service, in order to provide you with objective tests, reports and opinions. This way, you are sure to place your bets on the right horse! Here’s how to find your ideal sports betting site in 5 steps.

The criteria for choosing a bookmaker:

  • Legality and security
  • Promotional offers
  • Methods of payment
  • The sports betting offer

Customer service

By checking these 5 points, you will be sure to find an online sports betting site that will meet all your expectations. A quality bookmaker must indeed provide a complete range of advantageous services to its players. In practice, this translates into a 100% reliable platform, interesting promotions, easy deposits and withdrawals, a wide choice of sports betting, and teams that listen to you.

Sports betting site, which offer to choose?

We’re getting to the heart of the battle! The sports betting offer itself largely determines the choice of an online betting site. Here, many criteria must be integrated into your thinking to be sure you select the best site to bet on. If bettors had a song of support to encourage sports betting sites to give it their all, it could be this one:

“Always more sports!

Odds and bets!

And then comfort!

And predictions!”

Let everyone choose the air that suits them to accompany these rhymes 🎶. And let’s try to dissect the 4 dimensions to be taken into account to choose the best betting site:

#1. Number of disciplines covered

Most operators offer around 20 different disciplines to bet on. All of them include in their catalogue the major sports such as football, basketball, tennis and American football. See the full list of sports covered. This may tip the balance in favour of a particular site, depending on your preferences and the sports you like to bet on. The comparison should also be made within the same discipline. Alternatively, we explain in our article which sport to bet on.

Not all bookmakers offer the same number of matches, leagues and competitions. Depending on whether you like to bet on the biggest matches or concentrate on less well attended matches, this criterion may be important.

Take advantage of our specialised guides to bet on your favourite sport with all the keys in hand:

  • football player in action;
  • jockey on a racehorse;
  • tennis player in action;
  • online players;
  • rugby player in action.

#2. High odds and variety of bets

All odds are not equal! This means that for the same match and the same bet, each sports betting site independently sets the odds offered, and therefore the payout you will get if you win. Some operators are more generous than others. It is therefore useful to compare the odds offered on some matches to choose a more profitable bookmaker.

Note that the depth of bets available for a single match also counts. Some sites offer a very wide choice of bets, covering all types of bets and all possible events within a match. More variety gives you the opportunity to find more good bets to make.

#3. Comfort and quality of the platform

No one stays on a sports betting site that gives a cold sweat with every uncertain click on obscure functions. You should give preference to operators who offer a comfortable service:

  • User-friendly, modern, fast interface
  • Ergonomic platform, intuitive navigation
  • Fast mobile access and performance

Comfort is not only about design and technology. The best sports betting sites allow you to watch a large number of matches thanks to their web TV 💻. These streaming matches are a real bonus to your gaming pleasure. They are also very useful if you like to bet live, while the match is taking place. To access the video content, you will usually need to be connected to the platform and have a positive balance on your gaming account.

#4. Predictions, statistics, tips and tricks

It’s hard to bet in the dark, all alone. A good online sports betting site allows you to sharpen your predictions and make friends! Here, the French bookmakers of reference often bring you precious help. Match, team and athlete statistics are there to enrich your thinking.

And if you’re short of ideas, some operators provide you with relevant external advice, with expert advice and analysis of the matches. Finally, they propose and run forums where informed users can meet, leave and exchange their opinions 💬. Perfect for finding good deals for smart and profitable bets!

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