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Book of Ra

Book of Ra is not only one of the best slot machines in terms of the chance of winning, but is also probably one of the most popular slots. To the delight of many users, the slot machine can now be found on almost every online platform.

The attraction of the game is that free spins can occur unexpectedly and give the action a completely different twist. 10 free games are won when the 3 scatter symbols are revealed. These do not even have to be found at the same time.

With online providers, the chance of winning casino games is 97%, which is extremely high among slot games.

It is also interesting that you can start playing with very small amounts of money. In this respect, Book of Ra contains all the criteria that earn it a place at the top of the list of the best slot machines: high chances of winning, a wide range of stakes and fun.

You can play Book of Ra at QuasarGaming!

Iron Man

It is a new trend in the gambling scene to let more and more super heroes enter the slot world. Besides Hulk and Spiderman, the popular Marvel character Iron Man has also got his own slot. The game is undoubtedly one of the best slot machines. What counts in this ranking, however, are the casino games’ chances of winning. And here, too, the Iron Man can score with a whopping 94.48% payout rate.

Although it doesn’t quite come close to the great values of Book of Ra, it can convince with a number of features:

4 Progressive Jackpots: Even among the newest slot machines, 4 progressive jackpots are a lot. This significantly increases the probability of hitting the jackpot.

50 paylines: Yes, you read that right. In the new variant of probably the best slot machine from Marvel, you can play with up to 50 paylines. Of course, this also has its price, but in any case it offers you a wider risk range to choose from.

Free spins: The slot doesn’t let itself down in this area either. If 3 scatter symbols appear on the 5 reels, you get 10 free spins, in which the winnings are sometimes increased by up to 11 times.

Like almost every game, you can also play Iron Man in play money mode without wagering real money. If you want to play the slot for the first time, this is recommended in any case, as you can familiarise yourself with all the features in peace and quiet.

How to get the most out of your bets

However, casino games with a high chance of winning will only help you leave the casino with a full wallet if you play them correctly. There are no miracle tactics with which you can win every casino game. But if you follow these simple rules, you can certainly add a few more percent to your payout percentage.

Money management: Set yourself a stake and a maximum win. This will prevent you from getting into debt and possibly gambling away your winnings.

Low stakes: Many people are blinded by spectacular odds at high stakes. The fact is, however, that you get more out of the game at low stakes and do not lose your feeling for money. Moreover, progressive jackpots etc. can usually be won even with small stakes.

Keep a cool head: A mistake many players make is to try to make up for losses at the table or machine with even higher stakes. However, this is not a very good tactic, as it is easy to get carried away and lose even more. Therefore: Keep a cool head. You can also leave the casino sometimes without having spent everything.

Even if you know about the best games and the most effective tactics, one thing will not change. The bank always wins. If this were not the case, all gambling houses would eventually go bankrupt. In order to have more fun, however, you should always play the casino games with the highest chance of winning. You don’t have to give the bank money unnecessarily.

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