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Does that mean you have to abandon all hopes of being better than the rest of the players? No! Because there is one thing that is significantly responsible for whether you win in the casino: The choice of game.

The choice of game

Casino game odds vary and so does your ability to go home with full or empty pockets. Sometimes differences of 5-10% can be observed.

So that you no longer sit at the wrong table or slot machine, we have compiled the casino games with particularly high chances of winning for you here.

In order to understand where you can get the most money in the casino, it is first important to understand the casino games chance of winning. This depends on several factors such as online online or offline casino and game. In the following, we will look at these factors with regard to slot machines and table games.

Casino games with high odds

We now come to the casino games with high odds. If you stick to this selection, winning at the casino should no longer be a rarity for you.


Roulette is probably the most classic game of chance, but still the one with the best chance of winning among the casino games. The payout rate, for example, is 97.3%, which is not surpassed by any other value in the gambling hall. The fact that it is not 100 is only due to the small inconspicuous zero.

How risky you approach the game is up to you. The greatest chance of winning is 48.65 percent with the simple chance (betting on colours) and the smallest with Plein 2.7 percent (betting on a number).

But there are also tactics for winning at roulette in the casino. The best known of these is the Martingale tactic, which always bets double on the same event after a loss. The problem with this tactic, however, is that a) you need a lot of money and b) you are never protected from a perpetual black streak.


As already mentioned, there are different tactics in Blackjack, each leading to different chances of winning. The best known of these is the dealer’s strategy: you “buy” until 17 points are reached. This strategy has a payout rate of 94.3%, which is very high in gambling. So if you bet 10$ each in 1oo games, statistically 943$ should still be in your pocket. If you get out in time, you might even be able to book a plus in the evening.

The exciting thing about blackjack, however, is that with a little skill you can get even more out of it. There are tactics that can pay out more than $100, the best known of which is card counting. However, this requires a lot of experience and talent.

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